Social Research & Practice and Education moodle is the virtual learning environment Dr Nicole Brown uses to support and enhance collaboration, learning, teaching and research. It allows Nicole to share and manage resources, to enable communication and group work and to foster collaborative learning. Nicole offers self-study short courses as well as interactive, facilitated courses via Zoom, which are often delivered in collaboration with partners. 

All courses have Guest Access areas as well as full course areas for which you will need to register to the moodle space. 

If you wish to participate in a facilitated course, please enquire via this contact form

Research skills training:

Introduction to qualitative research 

Using creative methods to collect data in social research

Analysing data collected from creative methods in social research

Emotions and reflexivity in social research

Visual communication in social science research

How to make the most of your research journal

Introduction to Embodied Inquiry

Courses and webinars connected to projects:

Coming to terms with fibromyalgia through creating an Identity Box

Ableism in academia: disability, chronic illness and neurodiversity in higher education

Supporting postgraduate students who teach

International perspectives on creativity in teacher education